It’s time for you to meet our third release of the year, honey of a mind party game — Bears&Bees!

Bears stopped eating honey, and now they are dedicated scientists with the higher purpose of producing its best variety. But, truth be told, they experience horrible slip-ups pretty often and then have to gain the bees’ trust all over again…

In each round, you will have 3 options: collect honey to conduct experiments, undertake research to get more cards, or release a swarm of bees to see who is the most efficient honey maker among you all. Your choice will depend on what you think your opponents are going to play. You may always profit from the actions of your fellow bears, but you have to know bear nature really well! But don’t be too greedy, and bearware: your opponents will definitely jump at the chance to bear you off the scientific path!

So are you tougher than the average bear? Let’s see if you can stay true to your purpose and be the first bear to meet with the recognition of the bees!

The game will be released at SPIEL’18! We’ll host demos each day, but there will be a VERY limited quantity available at the fair, so make sure to grab your copy at our booth 1-E151 before it’s sold out! Don’t forget to add Bears&Bees to your wishlist on BGG!

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