SPIEL’18 is just around the corner, and we don’t want to wait any longer with announcing the full list of our releases and pre-releases for this year!2018 Releases

First, we are proud to present our Big Three: Sunflower ValleyArchitectura and Bears&Bees.

Sunflower Valley

2–5 players, 45–60 min, 8+

Sunflower Valley is a bright and creative roll&write strategy game, where you will use special dice to draw the most prosperous mountain valley. Use dice to build houses in the valley, connect them with railroads, breed happy sheep, and plant sunflowers near the mountains. Your aim is to bring all this together and create the most harmonious valley!

Sunflower Valley will be available for purchase at a price of €25, and we’ll have a surprise for the first customers!

Purchase a copy of Sunflower Valley at our booth and you’ll get a SPIEL’19 exclusive bag for free, but hurry up, the quantity is limited!   Architectura

2–4 players, 30–45 min, 8+

In Architectura, you will take turns playing your building cards to the common city grid of blocks and streets. Each building has its own value, and during the game, it may be changed because of other cards.

Architectura will be available at two booths in Essen: Hobby World’s 1-E151 and Game Brewer’s 4-109 for the special price of €13,5 (10% discount off retail price).

But that’s not it! We also produced a limited quantity of gorgeous huge playmats for the game. The city grid is already there for you, and no need to use the block cards! Such a playmat may be a perfect fit for your workplace as well! 😉

Don’t miss a chance to grab this SPIEL-exclusive playmat for just €10! And yes, it will be available at both booths 😉Bears&Bees

2–5 players, 20–30 min, 10+

In this honey of a mind party game, Heisenbear shares his Amber Rules with you: conduct experiments, collect the product, but don’t have too much of it in front of you, because eventually, you won’t stand the temptation! Knowing a bear’s nature can also be of use – this way you will gain the bees’ trust faster and speed up your victory!

We’ll be selling the limited quantity of copies, so make sure to playtest Bears&Bees at one of our tables and get a copy for €20!2018 Pre-Releases

There are also three pre-releases we’d like to share with you and demo them at our booth. There will be no opportunity to buy them yet, but make sure to be one of the first to check our upcoming releases out!Artline

2–6 players, 20–30 min, 8+

In Artline, you’ll develop a grid of magnificent paintings and will have to come up with a common feature for absolutely different paintings. What could bring a Picasso’s painting and a classic portrait together? Let’s say, a white headdress! Now all the paintings you play in this row or column must contain a person with the white headpiece.

Your aim is to get rid of cards, but you don’t draw a new one only if you manage to place a card that matches both row and column features, so you have to be very attentive, come up with challenging features and think ahead to play all your cards on the table!Sherlock&Picasso

3–6 players, 20–30 min, 10+

In each round of this fun drawing game, there is a pair of the Artist and the Rascal: the first has 40 seconds to sketch up to 8 objects, and the second then spoils each picture, so other players can’t guess the initial object. If they do, they and the Artist gain victory points. If they don’t, the Rascal has managed to fool them and gets points for that!Spyfall: Time Travel

2–8 players, 15–45 min, 13+

We think the threequel of the award-winning deduction party game Spyfall doesn’t need to be introduced! 30 new exciting locations from the past and the future will make you stay on your toes!

By the way, have you caught the Spyfall: Time Travel Preview on BGG from Gen Con?

The game will be released next year, so a chance to playtest it in a few weeks sounds quite tempting, ha? 😉

That’s it, folks, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the greatest fair of the year really soon! 

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