Hobby World at Gen Con Online

We’re happy to welcome you to the World of Hobby during the best four days in gaming, even online!

Explore our games, sign up for an exciting intellectual quiz, and learn about our upcoming releases!

Our Releases


Quiz For Pros! 

On August 1st, at 1–3pm (Eastern), we’ll host an intellectual team-based quiz in real-time for you!

Visual riddles and probing questions await, and you will definitely need all of your logical and outside-the-box thinking to get them right! The winning team gets a copy of Spyfest — the game with the same riddle-ish vibe!

Gather your quick-witted friends (either online or offline), sign up for the official Gen Con event, and join the mind-boggling fun this Saturday!

Participation is free, but registration is needed!

Want More?


The US edition will be available in 2021!

Are you a publisher or a reviewer and would like to discuss the projects? Feel free to contact us right now!