Hobby World, founded in 2001, is the largest Russian publisher of modern board games.

The world of board games evolves at an astonishing speed. As the market grows, so does the offer, which has never been so diverse and rich. It is exhilarating, but there are new exciting challenges awaiting for all industry players.

Hobby World stays true to its core, and our aim is to publish the best board games that are out there: from the light-hearted party games to the most serious economic strategies.

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Wordwide Publishing

Hobby World’s goal is to deliver the best games to all countries around the globe and cooperate with the best publishers


We select the most interesting concepts from both Russian and international designers and develop them into high-quality board games

Publishing in Russia

Hobby World is the largest board games publisher in Eastern Europe launching 100+ products per year


Self-owned production facilities in Russia allow us to offer appealing prices both locally and internationally

Hobby World’s presence in the world

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