International Team — Sales and Cooperation

All questions about publishing, distributing, and licensing of Hobby World games should be directed here, as well as press requests

Pavel Safonov

Pavel Safonov

Head of International Sales

If you are a publisher or distributor and are interested in our projects, feel free to contact Pavel. He’ll be happy to get you a sample copy of the game for playtesting and to discuss all possible cooperation opportunities.

Mail: pavel.safonov(a)

Julia Klokova

Julia Klokova

International Marketing Manager

Reviewers and media are right up Julia’s alley! Ask her for a review copy, media assets, and explore various marketing opportunities together. There is also a monthly Hobby World newsletter — drop her a line if you want to stay tuned for exciting updates.

Mail: yuliya.klokova(a)

Business Development team

If you’re interested in the Russian version of your game would like to publish your game in Russia and the CIS countries, please contact our business development team

Sergey Tyagunov

Sergey Tyagunov

Business Development Director

If you would like to publish your game in Russia and the CIS, as well as publish your project in other territories and would like to discuss all potential possibilities for localization, marketing, and sales, please contact Sergey.

Mail: sergey.tyagunov(a)

Design team

If you are an author and would like to show us your game, please use contacts below

Pavel Iliin

Pavel Iliin

Head of Development Studio

If you‘re a designer and are interested in showing us your project, feel free to drop a message to Pavel. We’re always looking for new talent and ideas in Russia and abroad. Hobby World works hard for the mutual benefit of our game designers doing our best to create high-quality products to be published all over the world.

Mail: pavel.ilyin(a)

Other issues

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