Hobby World presents two new releases at Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020!

Hobby World is going to experience the Spirit of Play again at Spielwarenmesse 2020!

At their booth D-10 in Hall 10.0 they will be showcasing their two new releases for Q1,2020 — Spycon and Cutterland.

Game Overview

Cutterland is an innovative tableau-building drafting game where each player will get to cut the cards — literally cut them into pieces and compete on creating their own fabulous lands. They will cut the cards into pieces, draft those, and score victory points for the creatures inhabiting their lands. All creatures score differently: some of them will eat others, other ones can’t stand company, so the players will have to adjust to their needs to create harmonious lands. Whoever scores the most victory points at the end of the game wins as they have created the most attractive land!

Key Features

  • A breakthrough concept of actually cutting the game components
  • A tableau-building game full of tactically difficult choices deep enough for hardcore gamers
  • A great fit for tournaments

Product Details

Number of players: 2–4

Ages: 10+

Playtime: 40 min

Game Designer: Nikolay Zolotarev

Game Development: Hobby World

Artwork: uildrim

Contents: 160 Landscape cards, 4 Reference sheets, 30 Bones tokens, 12 Tower pieces, 16 wall/bridge pieces, scorepad, rules of play

Game Overview

Spycon is a detective team-based party game for 4–10 players played over a series of rounds, where one player becomes the Spy and receives a Character card.

The Spy’s goal is to describe their Character in such a way that their team could guess who they are and the other, intercepting, team couldn’t. The intercepting team always gives the first answer when the game is stopped, but the Spy’s team has a significant advantage: they know a Keyword. The Keyword is a special item used by the Spy during their description. The sooner the Spy’s Character is guessed, the more points the corresponding team scores and the further their standee is moved along the Red Carpet Line made up of cards.

Whichever team makes it to the last card of the Red Carpet Line first, wins.

Key Features

  • A detective team-based party game unlike any other!
  • A completely independent Spyfall spinoff: the same challenging atmosphere with totally different mechanics
  • High replayability and variability due to 2 sets of Characters, 2 sets of Keywords, single-use action cards and different Red Carpet Line effects
  • Hilarious artwork, 80+ unique illustrations

Product Details

Number of players: 4–10

Ages: 12+

Playtime: 30–45 min

Game Designer: Alexander Ushan

Artwork: uildrim

Contents: 112 cards, 2 Spy standees, 2 standee bases, 2 dry-erase markers, 2 double-sided Character sheets, 2 double-sided Keyword sheets, rules of play

Make sure to swing by booth D-10 in Hall 10.0 to take a look at Spycon and Cutterland yourself before they are released to retail!

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